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IUB Girl Got a Razor As A Valentine’s Day Gift To Shave Her Lady Mustache


Lady mustache is really a normal thing as it grows for a specific  hormone, until people says ‘ey tomar toh mos uthtse’.  Sara is a top ranked uni IUB’s student but she is also facing lady mustache on her face. It didn’t bug her until her IUBian friends said’ ey tor mos shave kor.’ She is really very depressed with this fact. Whenever her mom says ‘ Sara tomar bondhura esheche.’ Sara locks herself in her room and put all the makeup she has, to hide her mustache.  But her mustache came out in front of her boyfriend while they were having pre-valentine practice sessions.


Her boyfriend licked all her makeup and noticed his girlfriend has mustache. That horrified him and he ran out from Liton’s flat.  Next day was 14th February. So they had pre-planned romantic date in Liton’s flat. That day the guy didn’t show up, but he sent a gift box for Sara . Sara thought, her guy had some plan to surprise her. But when she opened the box , she found a razor with a note ” baby tomar dekhi mos ache, please shave koro? ” That made Sara super sad and angry. She instantly threw the box and broke up with her boyfriend.



Written by Eleven

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