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IUB Girl Breaks Up With Dhaka University Guy As IUB Ranks First In The Top University List


Dhaka University student might drop his last semester to join IUB from the first semester. A decade long relationship came to an end as IUB university claims top place among all university. They were in relationship since high school.


Iubian girl says that guys from all university rather than IUB are low standard. She also says it was hard to take this decision but she understood that it was impossible for her to be with someone who isn’t Iubian. So, she broke up with him in Valentine’s day.

In the other side, Last semester student of Dhaka University planned to celebrate valentine’s day in his campus but was slapped by her before entering the gate. Report claims that the guy broke up in tears and will drop his last semester from Dhaka University. He took an oath that he will join IUB from the first semester and patch up with her.


Dhaka University students says that they want justice for him. Reports claims that they will start movement in the “Gonojagaran Mancha” until Dhaka University regains top spot and both of them patches up.


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