It’s 2019 – You Are Single But Justin Bieber Is Already Dating Jaden Smith, The Karate Kid


Famous American singer Justin Bieber claimed that he has a boyfriend but nobody is in shock. I mean really! Tell us something new baby. Sources are saying that he is probably sucking somewhere but who cares about sources nowadays. Still, we aren’t making up this news even if we are then you all know what is reality, don’t you? Also, now you don’t have to be paranoid about your girl who follows Justin Bieber but don’t you dare following him.


Now, who is his boyfriend? Do you remember the little guy from “Karate Kid”? If you aren’t recognizing Jaden Smith then you all should know that he is the star of “Karate Kid” and even featured with JB in his song “Never Say Never”. Also, he is the only son of Will Smith who is a famous Hollywood actor. Oh! I am sure that “Will” will be proud of his son’s choice. At least, Jaden can put his thing somewhere and then we’’’ not listen JB’s song. Just kidding, we love Justin Bieber, excluding myself from the “We”.

Also, the reports are coming that the singer claimed himself and said, “Thought I was your boyfriend,” in a statement. Thought! Oh don’t tell us that Jaden isn’t even accepting him. We think that he is crying. Overall, don’t cry Justin. Please you can even suck anybody’s if you want. It isn’t first time when any somebody is saying that he is gay but if JB is actually a gay then it is great news.


Overall, Justin Bieber is really not thing “straight”. Looks like another song/album could some from this whole perspective. Now, tell us what you think about Justin Bieber weds Jaden Smith, who is going to so “Kanyadaan”? This whole news is funny and really we loved it. We think that you all are going love the updates.


Written by Jack Sparrow

I am a murderer. I've killed my dreams and currently I am writing from my basment where I am jailed and trapped on my own thoughts. Beside that I am a human being.

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