Instagram Blogger From Dhanmondi Dumps Her Boyfriend For Not Giving Like To Her Instagram Post Fast Enough.


As we all know valentines day is coming very soon. But the most excited are the couples who are very eager to celebrate their valentines together. It is hard to say that a couple from Dhanmondi recently broke up. The reason is much deep but still we were eager to know about it. As we talked to both of them we got to know that the girlfriend dumped her boyfriend for not giving like to her instagram post fast enough.


When we asked about it to the dumped boyfriend, he said he gave like 3 minutes after she posted it. But his ex girlfriend demanded earlier like to her post as she is an social media influencer with 1000 posts and 10 followers.

We asked them about their feeling after them being separated and valentines being so close. They were broke enough to talk about this. Only they know how it feels to be separated and did not reply anything. But the girl mentioned that she would keep up her hard work and keep moving forward and look forward to influence more and increase her follower to 20.


So we hope and pray for them so that they have a good future and have a great valentines with their loved ones.


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