Instagram Blogger Escapes With Boyfriend Before Marriage


Maisha is an aspiring Instagram blogger. She has been blogging for the past 2 years. Her posts mainly focus on her giving dumb opinions on various social issues and promoting makeup brands. However, for the past few months, she is going through a dry phase. She had over marketed her dumbness and now people are bored with her. No one wants to spend their precious time looking at a dumb wannabe babbling about sensitive issues.


Her followers are decreasing. Her live sessions have little to no audience. Maisha needed a plan. So she did what most famous people do to get attention. She decided to get married. She announced her marriage by posting a picture of a wedding card that says – “  Maisha weds Tahsin”.And on a second post she said that Tahsin was an American Bangladeshi dancer whom she met on her tour to Hollywood.  Her plan worked. Her followers increased again because Bangladeshi’s loves weddings and gossips. But there was one problem. Maisha, given the kind of stupid she is, did not think this through. She actually didn’t want to get married. In fact, there was no Tahsin. She was in fact dating a random guy from IUB who couldn’t finish his BBA degree even in 7 years.


Maisha panicked because she knew her fans would be expecting to see her wedding pictures. So she did something even more stupid. She faked her own kidnapping and ran away with her IUB boyfriend the day before she was supposed to get married.


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