Infinity Gauntlet Of Thanos Stolen From His Suitcase In Dhaka Airport

As comical as the title of this article may sound, there is no denying the fact that our national airport is far below the benchmark of how an actual national airport should be like. When you first step into a country, the first thing which any visitors, tourists, etc would notice is the airport, for us, we can only hope that they do not judge a book by its cover, in our case, our country by our airport. This is one sector which has not seen much growth in the past few years, marred with corruption and negative controversies.

Reports are coming in that Thanos flew into the country late 2018 to vacation in Nilgiri, Bandarban. After the big purple man received his luggage after waiting for approximately 3 hours, he observed that the chains of the bag were open. It was only a matter of time before he realized that an airport worker had stolen his precious infinity gauntlet. The thief was caught in the CCTV footages of the airport, apparently, the thief was murmuring something like ” I am luggage man” repeatedly when he was caught. Enraged, Thanos left the country on the very next flight. We can only imagine if that he was here to witness the population density in our country, he would have literally snapped, in every way possible.


Written by the flying cow

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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