Indian Student Thrown Out Of Lecture Hall For Not Wearing Underwear


We all have that friend who always refuse to wear underwear despite being told to wear one by his compatriots all the time. We came across the story of a 20 year old student from India who was recently kicked out of lecture hall for exactly that reason.


Why we are sharing this story with you is because of how the student was caught not wearing an underwear. Pratik Singham,being a 4th year student who like many other 4th year students, usually misses his lectures, but there’s one lecture class he never misses and that’s because the lecturer according to him is proper MILF.

One day in an afternoon class he particularly found his teacher extra hot because she wore a skin hugging dress and her chest seemed extra big to him that day; because of that he was sent into a daydream where he imagined himself doing certain acts with his teacher. Out of nowhere he was called by his teacher to come to the board and answer a particular question. Being called out off his wonderful daydream he was caught off guard and instinctively got up and went to the board. But as he reached the board, the classroom and his teacher were shocked to see he had a boner, his rod straight as a pole.


This incident resulted in his teacher going red, while he stood like superman with a grin on his face, obviously unfazed by the whole situation. He was then asked by his teacher (who was close to fainting) to get out of the class and to wear underwear from next class or else to never bother entering her class again.

Legends say he was never seen in the classroom again. He is probably one of those guys who take a strong stand on their choice to wear underwear or not. While he was not affected by the situation, for the other normal boys out there this should be a learning lesson.


Written by Goodboi

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