Indian Firefighter Rewarded With Medal Of Honor After Putting Out Fire With His Piss


India is a land of mysteries. Weird things happen there every day. But what happened last week in an apartment in Hyderabad was probably the weirdest thing that I have ever heard of about India.


Viran Kumar is a 28 years old firefighter living in a 1 bedroom apartment in Hyderabad with his girlfriend, Fullkumari. They have been living in sin for the past 5 years. That is probably why they had to experience the tragic events that happened last week. Viran had just gone to pee after having 3 mins long morning intercourse with Fullkumari. While he was peeing, he suddenly heard Fullkumari screaming in the kitchen. He rushed out of the toilet and saw that Fullkumari’s hair was on fire. He couldn’t think of what to do. So he did the only thing that came naturally to him. He peed all over his girlfriend’s head to put out the fire. The fire was out. Viran hugged her and they both headed to the shower for second round of morning intercourse.  When Viran went to work later that day and told his friends about his heroic act that morning, his friend said he should get rewarded for his bravery. Thus they sent a report to the Bureau of Bravery for assessment and was later awarded with a medal of honor for peeing all over his girlfriend.



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