Hrithik Roshan To Change His Name To Rohit Mehra After Success of Koi Mil Gaya Memes

Ah Hrithik Roshan- beautiful man, boring films, bombastic life. Can you name a movie of his that is as memorable as Koi Mil Gaya? Well apparently neither can he. His lucky thumbs as he calls them have failed to bring him luck recently, thus, he has decided to change his name to Rohit Mehra, such as his character in Koi Mil Gaya , seeing that people are still talking about and making memes about the movie. On that note, have you wondered why there’s lack of memes about the named movie’s superhero counterparts ‘Kkrish 1/2/3-15’? It’s probably because the movie itself is a meme, filled with not so subtle ad placements all throughout the movie.


Written by TossBiskut

14AGAIN Enthusiast, Bangladesh

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