How Bangladeshi MUN Culture Is Ruining The Youth


Why do people go to these anymore? Right, that certificate of participation. Oh and just the usual, wasting your time. MUNs are supposed to educate you but the only thing they KIND OF help you with is building your network range. Honestly, nothing else.


What about MUN certificates? Oh come on, like the people that go there ever work for it. Pay up with a couple thousands and that piece of paper’s already prepared faster than you can say ‘Straddle my laps’. Also, nobody cares about them. If you would’ve cared about the educational part, you wouldn’t have much either.

How many people even do their homework for it, anyway? Zilch, that’s what. Neither the speaker and nor do the audience really care. It’s all a show for everyone. If you ever step on an international platform, you might pee in your pants and hit yourself for not trying to learn anything from the local ones (if there is anything to learn, that is).

Psst, got social links? Can pull some strings? There you have it, you have won the session (even if you don’t know what you’re talking about).

The fun part about MUNs are actually fun. Luxurious lodgings, great quality time, socializing, more chill to fill your instagram stories—makes you feel like you’re on a vacation with friends. Heck, you might even find your ‘the one and only’. Totally ignoring your real purpose, amirite?

Of course you’d probably know way more than me but if you’re seriously concerned whether you should attend or not, that’s totally up to you to decide. Just saying that don’t expect much to learn.  MUNs can be seriously great events but that was all in the past. RIP diplomacy and integrity.


Written by Panta Bhaat

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