Heart Broken Guy Dances To “Channa Mereya” During His Ex’s Marriage Ceremony

This is like the anthem for those “friend zoned” guy out there. We are sure, all of you out there are in love with girls, whom you know can never be yours. That’s not the end, you try your best to become friends with the girl and after years of friendship, when you think of finally confessing to her, you end up hearing that she got engaged.

That’s a very common scenario among the youth today. Well, don’t be sad. That’s not the end of the world.

Similarly, Sazzad, a guy from Uttara University was in love with a girl of her class. During a group project, he got to become friends with her. They added each other on Facebook and surprisingly, the girl, named Raisa, was nicer than he thought. She actually helped him out with his studies and guided him through if he faced any difficulty.

Day by day, Sazzad started loving her more. This had continued from their second semester and finally, when it was their final semester, Sazzad finally thought that he would confess his love for Raisa just so they could get together. This was his plan.

The day he thought he would confess, he heard Raisa’s friends saying that her engagement was lit and that they can’t wait for the wedding. Sazzad did not pay attention. However, when he approached Raisa, she said that she was sorry that she couldn’t invite him for the engagement but she will surely invite him to the wedding.

Poor Sazzad was heartbroken. So, he decided to dance to “Channa Mereya” during her wedding, as that’s the best he could do to express his feelings for her.

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