H3O Is Offering Buffet Shisha On Sehri

H3O, a reputed restaurant in Dhanmondi, is offering Unlimited Shisha on Sahri this Ramadan. After being closed for a few weeks, it has started its operation again with a few platters and offers designed especially for Ramadan. Among those, the Buffet Shisha on Sahri offer has become popular within a few days. Akkas Ale, the owner, manager and head chef of the restaurant, has said in an interview – “We wanted to bring something unique and special this Ramadan. That’s why we have designed the offer and it became popular. We are getting a lot of customers.” He added that he had an idea of offering buffet Shisha on Iftar too. But instead of going home, polapain will have shisha the whole night sitting there. That’s why he dismissed the idea.

However, this offer has created a big buzz in the polapains of different areas like Dhanmondi, Uttara, Mirpur, Gulshan and Banani. A random Dhanmondi boy said, “I was looking for an offer like this for many days. Now, it’s here, near my home.” He has hoped to have the remaining Sahris there at H3O restaurant. A boy from Uttara named Zahead has asked H3O to open a branch at Uttara too. He said, “if they need a place, I’ll provide it. But they should open a branch here too before the Ramadan ends. It is tough for Uttara boys and girls to travel the whole path to grab the order.” But his friend Zohan disagreed. He said, “The pain of traveling the whole long path will make the shisha taste better. The fruits of hardship are sweet. Shisha will surely taste sweeter.”

From a hidden source, we have come to know that Mirpur guys and girls are praying to Allah after five times prayer so that the rain doesn’t come in the Mirpur area. They think if it rains, it will be very tough to get out from Mirpur as Kuber is not introduced yet.

The Buffet Shisha offer starts from 12:01 am and continues till Sahri. Some other platters of the restaurant are – Akij biri (1:3) with Khili Paan (1:1), Rupban Biri (1:2) with DigiTaal Paan (1:2), Pot flavored Hukka, Fire Biri with Rongeen Paani, etc. They provide date too at the time of Iftar.

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