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Guy Wants To Vote ‘Pewdiepie’ In This Year’s Election, Confirmed By Officials


Nurul is a general voter of Dhaka South City Corporation. Recently he went in the Botanical Garden to spend some private moment with his girlfriend, to escape from sound pollution. But he couldn’t escape from media’s camera. A journalist asked him If he is going to vote this year and whom he is going to vote?


Nurul was kinda irritated, still he replied with a smile. But his answer made everyone shocked. He said, “B*tch Lasagna, I am going to vote Pewdiepie this year, Yo”. When journalist asked him  who’s Pewdiepie? He started to sing, “Eshe che ,eshe che abar election, Jitbe Pewdiepie, nai kono tension. Felix bhai er salam nin Pewdiepie e vote din.”


He didn’t say anything else but a continuous rant of “B*tch Lasagna”. Nurul’s girlfriend said they saw many posts on facebook that people’re saying to vote Pewdiepie not to T- series. She also said they don’t care about who is T-series but they will give vote to Pewdiepie together this year and it’s their couple goal for this year.


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