Guy Took His 5th Grade Girlfriend To ‘Shishu Park’ For A Date

Hashem Ali who works at a Garments factory of Puran Dhaka. Often, he escapes his work, so that he can keep on standing outside the girl’s school. He was about to lose his job for this disgraced behavior but he never fixed himself. Hashem Ali flirts with school girls by singing songs.  But, he never got any girlfriend close to his age. So, he tried different techniques of achieving it but failed every time. For this reason, Hashem Ali bought a lot of chocolates and tried to impress the junior girls of the schools. Finally, he managed to have a girlfriend of 5th grade.

Asma Khatun is a 5th-grade student and she is unaware of true love. Hashem Ali always tries to make her understand that he loves her wholeheartedly.  Asma is fond of ice-creams rather than thinking about love. Until now, she had 500 ice creams from Hashem Ali.

Recently, Asma got her summer vacation. She loves roaming at late at night. On the other hand, Hashem Ali offered her a candlelight dinner. But, she refused as she won’t be able to date a guy at night as her parents won’t allow. Besides, she always remains occupied with lots of home works. Hashem Ali made a plan to take her to ‘Shishu Park’ as she wanted to go there for a long time with his father. Since her father did not take her, she became ready to go with Hashem Ali.  They both had fun together in the park. But after 3 months, Asma got busy with her ‘Half yearly’ exams and she totally forgot about Hashem Ali.  They broke up. Hashem Ali also doesn’t remember her nowadays. It’s good that he learned to move on.


Written by AKM Salman Haque

A creative Professional. Contributing society as a Pharmacist.

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