Guy Shows Off His Eid Budget On Facebook And Gets Mugged In Dhanmondi Area By His Ex’s New Boyfriend

After the whole year round, it’s that time of the year again. It’s EID time! So, what do we do when it’s Eid? We shop till we drop. And of course, no matter how Richie-rich we are, we all have a budget to follow. For instance, we always plan ahead on how much we would spend on clothes, shoes, accessories and so on. And the next thing we do is show off the budget in front of our friends.

Although it’s kind of lame for us to do that now, still we love showing off that we’d buy a Panjabi for about 3,000BDT merely for Eid or a pair of loafers for 5,000BDT. That’s more like a tradition that’s been following for years.

This Dhanmondi guy named Shihab did something insane. He showed off his Eid budget by putting up a status on his Facebook profile. His status went as follows:

“Hello, guys! Hope you are all enjoying the upcoming Eid vibe because I truly am. I have a budget of 75,000BDT this year and I’m kind of confused as to what I should buy. Should I just consider buying an iPhone for Eid? Well, I’ll be out shopping next Thursday, if anyone coming, let me know, we’ll go together.”

His intentions behind the status were purely naive and he didn’t realise what he was getting himself into.

So, it was finally Thursday and he heading out for shopping at Bashundhara City. He took the full cash with him as he did not allocate his budget properly.

Just on his way, he got mugged in his rickshaw and his entire money was gone with the wind! Soon, he filed a police report, although it was almost useless to do that.

After a few days, he saw that his ex-girlfriend had got a new iPhone as a gift from her new boyfriend. Upon digging into the matter, he found that the muggers were actually his ex’s new boyfriend and his friends and with that money, he bought her a new iPhone.

Shihab was nothing but shattered.

So, guys, no matter how much money you have or how much you are going to spend, never show that on social media platforms.

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