Guy Receives Death Threats for Spoiling Game of Thrones

The alleged victim on the receiving end of several death threats was Tanvir Ahmed, an over enthusiastic guy who has reportedly spoiled the latest episode of Game of Thrones as it was leaked during the early hours of April 22 due to having nothing better to do.

The said guy attempted to counter his offence with accounts of being too excited. “I received the link to a streaming website from a cousin and watched the whole episode right away,“ he said. All the new information and the new exciting scenes were too much for him to keep bottled up and so he decided to share some scenes on his social media that were yet to be officially released. This upset many who accidentally saw the clips. When confronted, Tanvir apologized for his less than well thought action. “His apology will not fix the damage, would it?” said one of his friends who were spoiled.

The latest and final season of the biggest television show in history had been much anticipated for since the airing of the last season back in 2017. Intense politics, scandalous secrets, conquest, truly impressive action scenes and brilliantly coordinated fights have made Game of Thrones increasingly popular among the youth. And with the existing fandom, the number of viewers sky rocketed with the airing of the final season where the confrontation between the army of the dead and our favorite character throughout the previous seven seasons will take place on the grandest of stages.

“I have been waiting for a whole week for the episode like everyone else and now I can’t watch it with suspense and excitement, this is infuriating,” said one. Now he says he has no reason to live and he demands Tanvir be brought to  justice immediately. Even though death threats are a bit over the top, dishing out spoilers as if it were free-food, apologies, nobody even hands out free-food, is a very selfish act for little to no pleasure but the slightest satisfaction of ruining some one else’s viewing experience . So why dish out spoilers and ruin it for others? Just keep your “stuff” to yourself for Ned Stark never could. And look where that got him.


Written by Tausif Jawad

Okay, so I find (almost) all the stories pretty funny and relatable and when I saw you guys were recruiting, I thought it'd be fun to join in with the fun.

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