Guy Leaves Tutoring As He Was Served “Muri” As Supper

Youngsters in Bangladesh hardly have any opportunities to earn some extra cash in their early twenties. So, the safest way that most youngsters think that they could earn themselves some pocket money is through private tutoring. Students in their 2nd or 3rd year of any university prefer to tutor children who are in school or rather younger.

Nahiyan, a guy studying computer science from a public university in Bangladesh is no less. He came to Dhaka city about a year ago and now that he has accustomed himself in the culture of Dhaka, he thought of taking a few private tutoring so that he could bear his own living expenses. That’s a really good idea and kudos to him for his initiative.

Nahiyan bonded really well with his students and their parents loved him for being such a good and punctual mentor to their child. He taught very well to his students. Apart from that, he also inspired his students to take in some extracurriculars.

So, one fine day, he went to his student’s house. This very day, he was supposed to sit back and teach him for at least 3 – 4 hours as it was the student’s exam the next day. While teaching, Nahiyan was a little hungry, so he casually asked for a glass of water to his students. Their maid bought him a glass of water only, merely thinking that he was just thirsty.

Finally, after a brief period, he started smelling biriyani out of nowhere. And it was like a whale crying in his stomach. He was hoping that it was his student’s mom who was cooking biriyani and thought that he would get some after he finished teaching. Nahiyan thought that he would teach half and hour extra, but he really wanted a share of that biriyani.

He waited and waited and when he was finally done with his class, he received a plate of muri and sweets as his nasta. He was very disheartened. He never expected such behaviour from the family and he thought that before leaving the house, he would talk to the student’s parents and simply quit the job.Now, this is very sad!

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