Guy Got Severely High After Trying Out ‘Paan’ For The First Time


Hasan is a Noakhailla who crashes alot wedding and gets disappeared within no time. Hasan is a food lover and also tries alot of foods. Hasan always had a dream to try out ‘Paan’ and know why people likes a food with a green leaf.


So basically Hasan and his friend crashed a wedding that day and got a pack of ‘Paan’ after eating kacchi. Hasan took that Paan and vanished out of the wedding as usual. Hasan and his friend was walking down the street and Hasan tried that Paan. After a minute his friend started to notice some unusual behavior from Hasan and asked what happened. Hasan was laughing out of no where and he was lying down on the street. His friend was shocked and totally confused about the situation. He made Hasan stand up after a long time and suddenly Hasan started running. His friend was chasing him until Hasan stopped running. His confused friend asked Hasan what happened and Hasan said that he saw a ghost. They were hanging out in Shatinagar. His friend did not believe him until he saw a white ghost. His friend just left Hasan and ran away to his home. The ghost was actually a normal guy with a white Panjabi.


Hasan’s mom called his friend at 2 AM and said that Hasan Didn’t come home. His friend was now scared and got out of the house to search him. It didn’t take time to find him because he was lying Down in the graveyard beside his home. Hasan was lying down and laughing. He was telling that he wanted to talk to that ghost he saw. He went home after getting a bit sober.


Written by Martin Atkinson

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