Guy Gets Slapped By Thieves For Having 15 Taka Only

Getting hijacked on the street of Chittagong College, if you are riding on a rickshaw all alone is the fear of every one. Around 50% of Chittagonian did face this kind of situation. And one such occurrence happened with this one guy, but in an unusual way.

A Guy aged 25, was riding on a rickshaw when suddenly some goons forcefully stopped him. On being asked to hand over all his belongings he pleaded, ” Bhai, dekhen ami ekjon darwaan,  amar pocket a khali 15 taka aseh. Oita o ei rickshaw wala ke bhara hishabe diteh hobe.” And yes, misfortune did strike on the thieves that day! As when he was checked they found nothing but 15 taka and Nokia 1100. Getting nothing angered the thieves and the guy got tightly slapped by them. They then said, “Gordhob, ato kom taka niye ber hos keno? Ato koshto kore rickshaw thamai toke namailum! Ar akon o Nokia 1100 use koros? Amar colony ar kajer bua o toh er theke 100 ghun bhalo touch mobile use kore!” The guy uttered nothing except ,”amar 15 taka ta den, bhara diteh hobe.” After listening to this the thieves scratched their heads and they returned him his things.

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