Guy From Barishailla Contacted Aquaman To Catch Him A Hilsha Fish

Yesterday was the day of Bengali new year. Now a days it seems that this day is celebrated by so called city people who only remember the first day of Bengali year. They like to visit TSC and Rabindra Shorobor just to celebrate it as another valentines day and just a public holiday. This valentines day usually celebrated by with cultural function and folk DJ and even with hindi songs. People generally eat panta ilish with onion and green chilli just to remind our tradition and to understand how poor our farmers are. But, the fact is they buy each plate of the panta ilish with about 200-1500 per plate. So, a desperately discount seeking barishailla had take an initiative yesterday.

Yesterday a discount seeking barishailla went to buy Hilsha fish. But, the price was too high for being poor for one-day. So he called up aquaman to catch him some Hilsha from Padma river, so that the can be act and eat like a poor farmer with a high price panjabi in wear and Hilsha in his plate. He promised to give 10 Hilsha to aquaman. So that aquaman can be a billionaire by selling this fish in the USA. So, aquaman respond to his offer and help him to be so called poor Bangali for one day.


Written by Nurul Ansar Sharif

Hello, I'm Nurul Ansar Sharif. I'm from Bangladesh. I'm studying BBA at Bhuiyan Academy under National University Bangladesh. That's the issue that makes me feel bad sometimes, I'm creative enough to create dream big but I'm not talent enough to fulfill them. Sometimes, I think I wouldn't get enough time to dream a day dream if I were a student of any public university. So, yeah I'm grateful to god.

Anyway, I love to write, love to make and love to create thinks. I love music, I love my all activities and most of all I love myself ( Nobody else doesn't do that for me).

Much love, peace.

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