Guy Forces His Mother To Marry Girls Father After Being Called ‘Bhaiya’


We’ve all gone through the feeling of not having feelings reciprocated, perhaps a crush not looking at you the same way you do? or maybe a junior who you started talking to.One thing is for sure, We’ve all been there and It feels horrible. Farhan Hossain, 23 can definitely relate to this story. He loved talking to a batch junior girl, Aysha – they really hit it off. Every time they met on campus, Farhan would be very nice to her, spoil her and protect her to which one day Aysha said:


You treat me so nicely, No one has ever done this. I truly feel protected around you. Thanks alot BHAIYA


For days, weeks, months the word Bhaiya kept Farhan awake. He was going insane till he decided that something must be done. First he did his research and figured out that Aysha’s father is a divorcee – he figured out his social media and got his mom, also a divorcee to talk to him.They hit it off, 2 years later – Farhan’s Mother and Aysha’s Father got married to which Farhan went to Aysha and said “I guess I am your bhaiya”Farhan now spends his days locked in his room watching promhub videos of the step-sibling category.


Written by Bhallagena

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