Guy Dumps Girlfriend After Listening To Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Love Myself’


Well that is certainly not what you’d expect to see everyday. A Bangali too, at that. From nurturing a two year budding relationship to now claiming himself as ‘forever-single and proud’, Maruf Hossain surprises everyone (his ex getting the most of it) by breaking off their pre-planned engagement and severing all ties with Anika Komol.


Ah why didn’t I get to listen to this masterpiece before? It opened my eyes, to be honest. Life’s so much better now that I’m single and she can go off with another guy for all I care so from now on, quoting the one and only, “I’m gonna love myself and I don’t need anybody else!”. Oh and Anika, if you’re reading this, you don’t need anyone else too! Nobody needs anyone! Life is good!


This certain happening probably wouldn’t have been covered if the gender roles were switched because it’s rare to find guy feeling alive after a break up. Oh well Maruf, you do you. We’re glad that at least one person came out happy.


Written by Panta Bhaat

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