Guy Creates 150 Fake Accounts To Report His Ex’s Instagram


Fahim is the latest addition to heartbroken boys club of NSU. He was recently dumped by his girlfriend, Afroza.


Afroza is a 3rd-year student at IUB who is studying Geography. Her and Fahim had been dating for 6 months. They met through tinder and decided to give the relationship a shot. However, Afroza met Akib at a Geography conference and they became very good friends. They started attending all big Geography conferences together and developed a nice chemistry with each other.

Fahim could not digest this friendship. He got very insecure and accused Afroza of cheating. Afroza was heartbroken. She broke up with Fahim and started dating Akib. She started uploading cute date pictures with Akib. Fahim was stilling following Afroza and seeing these pictures triggered him and she thought that he was right about Afroza cheating on him. He wanted revenge. He wanted to kill Afroza’s social life.


So he created 150 fake accounts and reported Afroza’a account by saying she uploads vulgar photos that are disturbing. Afroza’s account is now blocked. She is unable to let the people of Dhaka know about her achievements in the world of geography.


Written by Bruce Wayne

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