Guy Comments “Kub Tesh” After Kissing His Girlfriend For The First Time

The video of the young girl eating “bhaat” (rice) has gone viral. Many of you are sharing it saying “it’s hilarious!” while others think that these types of activities should stop as it’s ruining the name of Bangladeshi’s on a platform like Facebook. Regardless, we think that the memes are damn funny!

Whether you find it funny, or absurd, one thing is sure that you do enjoy the way the girl says “kub tesh”, which means “very tasty” in Bengali. And there are many cases when you actually make use of this dialogue in your everyday life. It can actually be applied in a number of places and in many different contexts.

Now, coming back to the topic, what’s your first reaction when you kiss your partner for the first time? We’re sure that if you have incredible deep feelings, you go blank! Some of you even get butterflies in your stomach while others feel nervous. The intense feelings feels as if like there are bubbles bursting within us when we kiss.

However, this guy named Faisal went overboard to comment “kub tesh” after kissing his girlfriend, Afrin’s lips for the first time. Well, no one expects such a reaction from their partner right after kissing, but well…

It has been known that they have been in a relationship for only about two weeks and finally the day came when they kissed each other’s lips. Faisal had been very eager about kissing his from the day he had proposed to her. It’s just that his new girlfriend was very shy. This triggered him to think what it would be like to kiss his girlfriend.

So, when the time came, it was like an instant reaction from the Faisal’s side that he couldn’t resist but comment this to his girlfriend. Now, if you are wondering what was Afrin’s reaction, well, she burst out laughing! She didn’t expect such a comic dialogue from her new boyfriend, but then, having a partner with such a sense of humour is like a blessing!

Share how you have been relating “Kub Tesh” in your daily lives with us! Tag your friends who would think that it’s “Kub Tesh” to kiss their partners!

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