Guy Broke Up With His Girlfriend For Mixing ‘Jilapi’ With ‘Muri’ In Iftar

Dhanmondi guy wants his Iftar without sweets. But, his girlfriend seems to have different taste. So, she asked his boyfriend to add some Jilapi with Muri. The sweets avoiding guy couldn’t tolerate this oppression. So, he broke up with his girlfriend! Taznin, the famous girlfriend of Tanzil, wanted to have Iftar together with his boyfriend. Tanzil accepted the offer as a responsible boyfriend. They fixed the place Bashundhara to have their Iftar. So, yesterday they went to Bashundhara. Prior to the 20 minutes of Iftar, they ordered their ingredients. Jilapi was one of the ingredients. Tanzil wanted it to have it after Iftar. But, his girlfriend mixed it with Muri without the consent of Tanzil. Tanzil became angry like a lion as soos as he saw this. He declared the end of their relationship there in anger. Because, he thinks that, the girl who mixes Jilapi with Muri, will mix his husband with some other unknown guy oneday!

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