Guy Broke Up With His Girlfriend For Gifting Him Aarong’s Panjabi

Dhanmondi guy Kuddus showed his bravery against all odds. He broke up with his beautiful, glamorous, charming girlfriend Shefali as she gifted Kuddus a panjabi of Aarong’s brand.

Aarong is a reputed native business brand. It has been operating its businesses with so many branches all over the country. But recently, it did something unethical for which it has been fined and ordered to remain the outlet closed just for one day. Following the issue, the magistrate who fined Aarong, has been sent a transfer letter to be transferred to Khulna. This news went viral. As the people of social media knew the news, they started to show their reactions. They started to boycott Aarong. Because, most of them believe that Aarong has involvement behind this transfer issue. So, people declared a war against Aarong.

Dhanmondi girl Shefali didn’t know this. So, earlier this morning, she met with her boyfriend Kuddus. Then she gifted him a Aarong’s panjabi. The boy became surprised to see the gift. This made him so happy. But, the ultimate surprise came later. No sooner had the guy seen the brand’s name, he threw the panjabi out. Because, it was Aarong’s panjabi. Then he decided to break up with his girlfriend as she did something that was unexpected.

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