Guy Breaks Up With A Girl For Not Letting Him Have Intercourse


Intercourse, the word that we use interchangeably with the word “haram”, is something every hormonal teenager want but doesn’t get. This is the story of such a hopeless romantic who experienced similar forms of disappointment.


Kutub has been planning for his anniversary with his girlfriend,Fiona, for a while now. On October 2nd, it was their 5 years anniversary and he thought this would be the day when he becomes a man from a boy. i.e deflower himself i.e get laid. He planned out the whole week. He had a nice a fake fight with her the day before and called her all the horrible names he always wanted to call her because she was so annoying. Later in the evening she showed up at her place and told her it was a fake fight and took her on a roadside diner at Baily road which cost around tk50 and then takes a trip to Coxe’s bazar for the week. he took her to the “ all night long hotel” hotel. He had already bought “protection” of various flavor. They talked about all kinds of this the whole night. As his pants kept getting tighter, he told her it was getting too late and he felt sleepy. She told him that she had a really nice time, changed into her nightdress, and went to sleep on the couch. Kutub felt offended. But he tried to still salvage whatever chance he could have at getting laid that night by trying to kiss her. But she was hesitant. She didn’t want to cross over to the other side. So she refused him. Kutub, like any gentleman, understood that she does not consent to have intercourse and went to the toilet to spend the rest of the night looking at magazines. He kept on trying every day that week and was fed up with pleasing himself. So on the last day of the trip, he dumped her and left her alone at the hotel room without paying. Fiona was trapped in the hotel with no money to pay and no horrible man to befriend who would rescue her from that high hotel in cox’s bazar.



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