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Guy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend & Takes Her To Bheja Fry To Fry Her Brain & Feed To The Dogs

There is no proper way to handle a break up. But frying your girlfriend’s brains might just be the perfect way to do it. Ashiq is a 3rd year NSU student who is tired of his girlfriend, Laila. She is very conservative and protective. She made Ashiq wear a Burkha to NSU club fair. Ashiq, being very frustrated with her behavior, decided to break up with her.

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Ashiq called Laila to Bheja fry thinking that since he doesn’t give a damn about this relationship, maybe the spicy food will help him to shed a few tears and make the break up go smoothly. But, Laila , being the annoying woman she is, decided to blow the break up out of proportion and started accusing Ashiq of getting her pregnant and demanded that Ashiq marries Laila right there and then. Ashiq knew that this break up would be complicated but he didn’t realize that Laila was this crazy. So he resorted to Plan B. He went to the kitchen of Bheja Fry and asked the chef for a favor.

He asked him to mix “ Bombay chilli” with the food. The chef initially disagreed but then Ashiq said that it was a part of his grand marriage proposal. When Laila ate the food, she looked red-er than usual. Water was coming out of her ear, nose and mouth. She couldn’t speak. Ashiq then called an Uber and set the destination to “ Matuali sanitary landfill”. Laila never recovered from the break up shock mixed with Bombay morich. So she decided to spend the rest of her days with the dogs and cats in the landfill.


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