Guy Beats Up Girlfriend After Watching ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ & Blames Netflix

The latest Black Mirror movie is making fans crazy because it is the first of its kind that allows audiences to interact with the movie and choose the direction in which the movie will go and explore all the possible endings the movie could have.

However, one student took this concept too seriously and thought he would try to test the concept of living in a manufactured reality. He thought the most extreme thing he could do was slap his girlfriend with whom he has had a relationship for the past 14 years. He thought if he was actually on Netflix and someone was controlling him, they would never allow him to end such a nice love story. So he called up his girlfriend on a date and at the end of the date he slapped her and said “it’s not you, it’s me “.

It’s now been 3 days that she hasn’t called him back or tried to contact him. She also filed a complaint against him in the police station for physical violence. Given the dramatic turn of events, we cannot but wonder if we are actually a series on Netflix or not.


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