Gulshan Teen Caught With Fake Louis Vuitton Belt At Westin party


Gulshan teens, the crazy rich Asian version of Bangladeshis are always on the top of their games. Buying all the new and fancy objects that are out there due to the blessing of capitalism. A Gulshan teenage girl starter pack would consist of fancy clothes bought from Jamuna future park with sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes that daddy got for you on his last trip,  an iPhone X with face unlock and a Louis Vuitton.


Morjina however, is an anomaly. She decided to go against the tide and got herself a waitforit FAKE LOUIS VUITTON. And even worse part was that she was exposed by none other than her best friend Jorina. Okay, time for details. On the 9th of October at an “Only 83 days till new years” party which took place at Westin, Morjina and her best friend Jorina got a little too carried away while drinking Rooh Afza and Morjina accidentally spilled some on her dress. She rushed to the restroom to clean herself and asked Jorina for help. While Morjina was busy rubbing the rooh afza off of herself, she asked Jorina to fetch her an orange marker from her bag so that she could cover up the stain on her sparkly orange dress. When Jorina reached for Morjina’s bag, she saw that the price tag was still on and it said “ Tk 250 ” . Jorina knew that a real LV could never come this cheap. There was  only one logical conclusion to this mystery. Morjina was using a FAKE LV. Jorina stormed out of the restroom. She felt betrayed and embarrassed at the unprofessional and cheap fashion sense of Morjina. Jorina posted a snap of the fack bag and made sure all of Morjina’s friends were aware of her fake high social status.Morjina now spends her days alone as an outlaw.



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