Girls Reveal That They Add Some Extra “Bhaab” When Saying “Hello”

Someone calls you and you pick up the phone call. The first thing that you say when you  pick up the phone is “hello.” It’s a universal language and each and everybody is bound to say “hello” after receiving a phone call. Recently, we did a survey on how people say “hello” when they pick a call and here are their responses.

It is noteworthy that the sole intention of the survey was to reveal people’s attitude and how they use a language.

So, we started off by asking girls from private universities of Dhaka. We asked them what they would say when they receive a call. Of course, the most obvious answer was “hello”. That’s when we decided to make a call in their respective phones just to follow the dialect that they use to say “hello”.

“Hey-lo”, said by Reshma from NSU.

“Hello, hain bolo”, said by Tasnim from BracU.

Tasnim claims that whoever calls her, she would respond saying this and that she wouldn’t even check on the name to see who’s calling her. SWAG!

The weirdest one that we have come across was from Yasmin, a girl from EWU:


After this, we also asked the girls as to why they would say “hello” the way they said it. You would be surprised to know the reason behind it. The girls claimed that it was their own signature way of picking up their phone call. Moreover, the girls also revealed that saying hello after receiving a call (especially from an unknown number), is like their first impression.

So, they wouldn’t want to ruin their first impression by saying hello in a very plain and simple way. What they do is, add an extra accent and make it sound like as if they are some sort of a very important person. Henceforth, they add an extra “bhaab” when saying hello just to make them sound better than they actually are.

Do you have a friend who says hello in a certain way? Tag them in the comments and reveal their special way of saying hello! We’d love to know.

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