Girl Traumatized FcukBoi By Sending The Picture Of Keka Apa’s Noodles Instead Of Inappropriate Photos

We all have a reason to troll Keka Ferdousi’s cooking recipe. Because she consistently traumatizing us with her terrible recipes. But here we are going to share a story of a girl who got saved herself from abusing just by using the noodles of Keka Ferodusi.

‘Mahtab Ishmam’ is a boy from Dhanmondi whose only aim is to molest girls. He has already got a title of a playboy from his friends. Decent girls of his college ignore him. Besides, all the female friends of him nowadays feel his existence to be vulnerable as he always looks for inappropriate photos from them. Mahtab has been chatting with a schoolgirl named ‘Natasha Yasmin’ for 3 weeks. Already he proposed her on Facebook.  The girl had also fallen for him. The smart attitude of Mahtab made the teen girl euphoric. Even she started preaching others at her school that she has got the smartest boyfriend that one can ever get. But, one of Natasha’s elder sister of the senior class told her not to love these overrated boys, since they keep many girls like her and indicates ‘Natasha that she is too young for this.

Last week, Natasha was watching Keka Ferdousi’s recipe of noodles. She liked the program and took the pictures of the noodles in order to make people frightened. Mahtab Ishmam knocked her at messenger late at night. After chatting for hours, finally, Mahtab started seeking nudes from her. This broke the young heart of the teen. She realized that he is a bad guy. So, instead of sending inappropriate photos, Natasha sends him the picture of the noodles of Keka Ferdousi along with a video of its cooking. After seeing the noodles and its preparation made Mahtab panicked and immediately he blocks the ID of Natasha. Great job girl!


Written by AKM Salman Haque

A creative Professional. Contributing society as a Pharmacist.

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