Girl Sold Off Her Dad’s Rolex To Gift Her Boyfriend A Supreme Sweatshirt For This Winter


Now, the news is coming straight from the South America (maybe) where a Girl sold of her Dad’s Rolex to gift her boyfriend an expensive Sweatshirt and a fancy dinner. We are not sure what they ate in dinner but it totally looks like that they have stolen the sleep of her father. Also, the sweatshirt is really cool and I really need a girlfriend like that. I don’t know how these guys ended up getting a girlfriend like that my girlfriend don’t even give me a look, sad life.


Reports are suggesting that the girl wanted to gift her boyfriend a very expensive sweatshirt because his ex has given one which was so expensive. I mean for the boy, it was really a cool competition that who is going to buy him the expensive sweatshirt. Also, the girl tried to save money but it is hard to save money for a person who doesn’t earn a penny. So, in the end, she decided to stole her father’s one of the most expensive Rolex to make her Boyfriend’s ex jealous.

Now, the only problem is that her dad has found out that she has stolen her watch. We all know that if she would be an Asian kid then her dad would have beaten her but nuh! She isn’t beaten by him. Instead the day, told her to be grounded for more than a month and her boyfriend has to give back the sweatshirt and we are pretty that his ex would be smiling right now.


If you are planning to steal your dad’s watch then please don’t. Have you ever considered what is going to happen with your a*s if you’ll stole his Watch? I am not really sure but yeah he is going to beat you like hell and you’ll never ever want to see a watch or even time in your entire life.


Written by Jack Sparrow

I am a murderer. I've killed my dreams and currently I am writing from my basment where I am jailed and trapped on my own thoughts. Beside that I am a human being.

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