Girl Slaps Her Boyfriend For Offering Her Toilet Tissue To Wipe Her Tear After Crying


Soothing the mind of your girlfriend can be very difficult sometimes if you are in a relationship. Her mood can frequently change for so many reasons.  A girl named Anika used to be like this. She always had her mood swing & so she lost her patience & became angry with whoever she talked. One day she was on date with his boyfriend Anik. She was fond of French Fry. But it was not available in the restaurant where they went. So she started crying a lot. Finding no other way Anik brought a toilet tissue from the washroom to wipe her tear. Seeing that Anika became very angry & so she slapped him on his face. So either think twice before soothing the mind of your girlfriend or get slapped like Anik.


Written by Goku

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