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Girl Shares Her Boyfriends Banana Pics In Social Media To Teach Him A Lesson


In this day day and age people find it hard to trust their boyfriends or girlfriends, and such trust issues comes with good reason. Every now and then you’ll hear stories about people cheating on their partners; we came across such a story, and we’re sharing it with you because of it’s bizarre nature.


We came across the story of Saima Akhter from Chittagong, whose recent posts went viral because she uploaded the pictures of her bf’s banana pics online.

We contacted her and found the story behind this madness. Apparently she got into a relationship with a guy from CHUET named Abdul Al Mamun, and even after two months into their relationship she couldn’t completely trust him, because some of his actions spooked her.

So, Saima did what apparently is a rising trend in young people – she made a fake profile and started talking to her boyfriend. To her dismay she found her boyfriend was very cozy from the very beginning and started flirting her up, just because she had a pretty girls picture as her profile picture.

In a matter of few days she was asked by him to go out with him; she repelled the invitations with excuses. Then one night he said he wanted to surprise her, something that would impress her. Well you can already imagine where this is going, he sent a few pics of his banana to her.


As soon as she saw this she was shocked beyond belief, didn’t reply him and went to sleep crying. Next morning she braved her downtrodden heart by doing the only thing she knew that would teach him a lesson. She uploaded both of the pictures online and revealed everything to her social media friends and followers.

She got a lot of support from her friends, and many congratulated her for her epic move. But here’s the caveat, upon some researching we found out that the guy moved on within a few days. Apparently a few girls were impressed by his size, and DMed him. After this whole ordeal we’d like to think both parties got the best thing they wanted, the girl got rid of a douchebag and the guy got someone who’d like to do things with his well proportioned banana.

This story should also send warning to all guys out there; think twice before sharing your banana pics, you might end up embarrassing yourself.


Written by Goodboi

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