Girl Marries Her Just Friend To Make Her Boyfriend Jealous And Becomes Just Wife

Neha, a girl from NSU was having troubles in her relationship. Her boyfriend Sakib was not giving her enough time. According to her the spark was gone and they were just two boring lovers. As she was thinking of breakup her friend told her to add some spice in her relationship. She tried to surprise Sakib with gifts and romantic dates. But it didn’t help. Then she got the idea of making him jealous. So she ended up marrying her just friend Rishat. Sakib became mad and called her cheater. She said that Rishat was her just husband. Sakib has nothing to worry. It was such a relief to him. They are happy together now.


Written by Night Fury

Currently a student. Little bit of introvert who also loves to travel. Love to read books, watch movies and series.

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