Girl Gets Hospitalized In Depression For Getting Only 98 Out Of 100 In Exam

We all know how serious girls are about their study. Whenever they get any marks less than they expect, they become very depressed about their life, their career & their future. Meanwhile a Viqarunnisa girl named Monika was way too serious about her study. She appeared in an exam about two weeks ago & gave a very good exam. But when she got the script back after the check of the teacher, she found that she got 98 out of 100.

She asked her friend what she got. Her friend replied that she got 99. That made her totally hopeless as she was short of 2 marks from getting 100. She became depressed & later got hospitalised as an outcome of the depression.  So it’s good to be serious about your study, but don’t be serious like Monika which might even take you to hospital.

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