Girl Gets Hospitalised Due To Lack Of Attention


Everyone says girls these days are all attention seekers and all they need is attention to function properly. Whether it’s attention from their friends, family or partner, they always want something brewing that includes them in it. Saima gets hospitalised. Now, who’s Saima?


Well, Saima is one of the most popular girls in her university. She’s stunning, beautiful, smart as well as the makeup queen that every other girl looks up to. The moment Saima walks into the campus, everyone knows that she’s around. It’s her mere presence that enchants the environment around.

One thing that Saima is used to is attention. Every time anything goes wrong, there’s always her to fix the problem. There’s this one time when a couple broke up, Saima went on to fix them up. Another time during the Model United Nations (MUN) event, a girl got a bizarre makeup, she went to fix her makeup looks with her superpowers. She’s like a multi-talented girl that everyone admires.

So, what could have actually happened that had taken away all her attention all of a sudden?

It was her recent relationship with Nayem, the handsome hunk of her campus. Many had suggested them previously to get into a relationship, but they never paid attention. It was during one of the club events when they finally got to know each other and after about a month, they got into a relationship!


When they got into the relationship, it was like they were the only human being made for each other. They did not care about the world that existed around them and slowly, both Nayem and Saima started losing friends and acquaintances. They went for movies, long drives and many other places to hang out, but never invited any of their friends.

Finally, what happened was not too expected. They broke up! After six months of dating each other, they broke up with the cause that things were running too fast and it was wise that they parted ways before matter reached their families. (Well, even we think that’s very shady).

Anyway, after their breakup, Saima called up her friends and other buddies in and around campus, but surprisingly, no one picked up her call. She even tried to message few guys, who were crazy in love with her, which did not help either since most of the other guys were already in a relationship and they kept her message on “seen”.

After this, she couldn’t take this shock and one day she fell unconsious. She was taken to the hospital and hospitalised. The doctors mentioned that it was due to low blood pressure, but what we suspect is that, it was due to lack of attention (!)


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