Girl From Dhanmondi Promises To Marry Her Boyfriend As His Father Owns A Petrol Pump

We all know how much of a gold digger Dhanmondi girls can turn out to be. Okay, now, if you are a Dhanmondi girl reading this, know that it’s not about you. It’s for all the gold diggers out there.

You must have friends or cousins who live in Dhanmondi and are always looking forward to get hitched with rich boys. That’s no surprise! However, this girl from Dhanmondi promises her boyfriend that she would marry him merely because his dad owns a petrol pump station.

Now, many of you must be wondering, what’s the connection between a petrol pump station and a Dhanmondi. Well, there is no connection, it’s just that the guy is very rich for which the girl had committed to marry her boyfriend.

On the other hand, those of you who have already dated Dhanmondi girls, we are sure you know that they have got commitment issues. There’s a high chance she will cheat on you or talk to other guys whilst being in a relationship with you. Therefore, this girl committing to marry her boyfriend had left her boyfriend with having extra “part” over his friends. This is all because he believed that his girlfriend is way better than others.

Poor thing! He still doesn’t realise that it’s not him, but his dad’s petrol pump that she’s in love with. Well, we hope that they have a great life together if they are actually going to marry each other.

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