Girl From Chandpur Writes On Her CV That She Is A Princess On Facebook

Girls claiming themselves queen in a democratic county is no new thing. Even the govt is tensed of seeing so many queens in one country! No matter the girls have brains or not, they surely are proud of claiming themselves queen! Sadia, who’s from Chandpur,has completed her graduation from Fokir Miya University  and is looking for jobs. While filling up a CV, in the place of any previous professions /experiences, she wrote that she’s been a queen since her birth.

News is also been heard that one of the person from the company she submitted her CV in fell from chair while reading her CV. Trust me, people have seen worse than this, like a girl saying that she is a queen bcz her father is a king! Like, what in the world!?!?! Sadia is very confident about getting the job .Well,  the company will surely hire a royal lady,no doubt about that!!!

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