Girl Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend To Watch Game Of Thrones Peacefully

Pohela Baishakh is near the door and so is the final season of Game of Thrones. On 14th April, HBO is going to release Season 8 of Game of Thrones. After Waiting for 1 year, the fans are gonna finally watch the final season. People are searching on google for “Game Of Thrones Season 8” out of fascination.

But Pohela Baishakh is also on 14th April. So, Miraj wanted to spend this whole day with his GF Ria. Ria tried to convince him that it’s too boring to go with the flow as others but she couldn’t. So she broke up with him because all she wants is to watch the final season peacefully. Winter is here and you gotta sacrifice for the throne.

Only three days are left and all the fans are really excited. Though some are depressed as what would they do with their life when the final season ends.


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