Flight Cancelled As Noakhali Pilot Disappears After Free Food

If we were to look into the age of social media in our country, one of the prominent meme cultures found would be funny stories about the people from Noakhali, yes, they’re all in good fun. After a recent incident, it could definitely be said that some of the stories coming out of that particular region may have some ounce of truth behind it. Yesterday, a flight of KD( Kheye Dour) Airlines, flight number KD024 was canceled as one of the pilots( Captain Ezab) disappeared after eating his free pre-flight meal. 82 passengers were stranded for more than 5 hours before they were rescheduled for another flight. In the entire history of airlines in the country, this incident was the first of its kind. The Airlines crew were seen to be more confused than the passengers of the flight.


Later we caught up with Captain Ezab and wanted to know the reason for this blunder, he said that he will only speak to us if we invite him over for, what you say in Bengali, a ‘daawat’. Hence for some unavoidable circumstances, we were unable to get his comments regarding the incident. We did some more digging about the flight KD024, we found out that the co-pilot was from Barisal.

We think it’s safe to say that with that sort of a combination in the cockpit, more masala than any of the flavours of Lays chips, more dangerous than the duo of Kane and The Undertaker from the WWE, it was a blessing in disguise for the passengers that the flight did not take off. All we have to make sure is that, when the holy month of Ramadan begins, No pilot from Noakhali should be given a flight in and around the time slot of 7 pm. One can only imagine why.


Written by the flying cow

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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