Fight Between Two Friends Over PUBG Vs. Fortnite Debate In Bangladesh




PUBG and Fortnite are two of the most popular games on the planet. May teenagers are making good use of their time by investing their time on these games. Two of these games almost are the same although some fans of either of these might get triggered. ‘It is going to be a saviour if World War 3 starts as we have given gamers to showcase their shooting skills’, said the developers of PUBG when they launched it.  Little they could believe this could end up breaking friendship of mankind.

It has been reported that a friend has beaten his fellow mate as they engaged in a quarrel over which game is the better one. ‘It was a normal meetup, but things started worse when I just said PUBG was s***’, said the injured friend who is currently undergoing treatment. He also revealed that his friend started to abuse him with slangs and even threatened to leak his ‘smoking’ video. Angered with such treatments, the injured friend also started to exchange heated words. At one point, his friend literally threw his grandpa’s Nokia 1200 which broke his nose.


A team of reporters even went to that friend’s house who has been identified as ‘Sadman’ and claims to be an expert in ‘PUBG’. He also won some gaming competitions based on PUBG, but his parents were worried as he has been consistently giving A-Levels repeats. He pleaded guilty over his action, but he thinks he had done nothing wrong. A talk has been going between the two families and they are on a decision to ban smartphones on their house to prevent such events.

Meanwhile, a part of the ‘concerned society’ has staged a movement to ban such games although sources claim they also play in their spare times too.


Written by Kowsar Rahman Sadit

To be honest, it is true that you have got no time to know who I am. But for the sake of some of my stalkers, I shall have to speak. Anyway, I am here to give you entertainment. I try my best. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I am successful. Whatever, I try to chase excellence out of everything. Sounds good?

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