Feminist Boy Ruhul’s Aim In Life Is To Be A House Husband

Feminism basically advocates the equality of the sexes and Ruhul, a boy from Sylhet, is all for that. Since a very young age Ruhul wanted all the rights that women have in Bangladesh, such as getting extra seats in buses and getting extra seats in buses. He craved it so badly that he even started peeing sitting down. Ruhul has always screamed ‘DISCRIMINATION’ at the idea that men who are ‘ghor jamai’ (homemakers) are frowned upon while women home makers are widely accepted, better yet encouraged.

Hence, upon turning 21 yesterday, Ruhul has decided to be a house husband. But wait, not the kind that has responsibilities and take care of the house, yuck! Rather, obviously, the rich trophy wives of Gulshan. Like them Ruhul wants to hold brunches, tea parties, open up a clothing store where he will sell daily wear at the cost that only the other trophy wives can afford, and ofcourse have his children raised by nannies from Assam-all in the shade of ‘Lavender’. Please help fulfil Ruhul’s dream by finding him a sugar mommy.


Written by TossBiskut

14AGAIN Enthusiast, Bangladesh

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