Fans Are Requesting Ayman Sadiq To invent Just One Formula For Beating This Summer Heat

Co-founder & CEO of 10 minute school, Author, Teacher, Motivational Speaker, You tuber, Storyteller and  most importantly formula inventor Ayman Sadiq’s messenger  is  bombarded with  thousands of messages from fans requesting him to invent just one formula for beating this summer’s heat as the weather is getting hotter and being intolerant day by day.

A fan who alone sent 69 hundreds messages said, “ I read in class 10 at ten minute school and I am a big fan of my sir Ayman Sadiq. Our sir is famous for inventing just one formula for the whole Geometry, 10 ways of earning as a student, 10 ways of sending message, 10 ways of typing, 10 ways of eating ‘vaat’ and 10 other informational and motivational videos. But this time instead of 10 formula, we requesting him to invent just one formula to beat the heat.”

Another fan said, “ I first sent an email to Sir Einstein in this regard. But within 10 minutes ,Sir replied that he can not help as he is dead. I forgot that being f**ked by constant heat of the last few days. Now I have 110% belief in Ayman Sadiq that he will find a way of beating this summer heat.” By the way,From a secret source of information, It was known that Ayman Sadiq is currently working on finding the formula in Science Lab (near city college) and  assured that he will come up with a formula within 10 hours and explain it in just 10 minutes in a new video. So, now let’s wait ten hours.


Written by Alauddin

14AGAIN Contributor,Bangladesh

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