Fan Says Thanos Kills Himself Along With Flash In Avengers Endgame

The most anticipated and long awaited Marvel movie is finally here!!.It has been reported that there was 91 million fan-made outcomes before the movie but I have to say Marvel has done an amazing job summing up everything and it was as much action packed as heart warming!

However,a fan had another take on the movie.He calls himself a die-hard fan of the marvel cinematic universe.He is such a hardcore fan that he camped outside of Blockbuster Cinemas all night to get tickets.After watching the movie I decided to take an exclusive interview and in the interview he said and I quote “it was a very sad movie specially the ending where flash takes Thanos to the speed force and sacrifices himself to save the world”.

I was surely bewildered when I came upon this knowledge. Later on, it was brought to my attention that this fan was on pot the whole time and slept through the entire movie!.Well,I guess sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve the thing you want!.

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