Entrepreneur Ms. Sunny Leone Is Coming To NSU As Business Competition Judge

The number of business competitions has increased in our country due to its high popularity. NSU also arranges many business competition through out the year in a gorgeous way. As every participant of competition has got the wish to  get judged by intelligent and prestigious judges, NSU had to invite them and get the schedule.Though it is really hard to get their appointment, but NSU try their best to have their presence and make it a successful event.

So accordingly ,on the next month there is a business competition at NSU and it has got a great hype among the participants and the viewers.The expectation of the participants and the viewer reached to a new level.The spotlight went away from the challenges and people started focusing mainly on the judge.Then suddenly a rumour started that Sunny Leone is coming to NSU to judge the business competition.As we all know she was an amazing judge of splitsvilla and she also did great in her career.

The rumours increased the registration of the new participant to a huge number.People from the different parts of the country are coming to NSU for the registration of the event.

It is also heard that the organizers are getting mails from Uganda, Nigeria and Myanmmar to make this an international competition,so that they could also join the event.By now the number of registration reached 6lac and 9thousand.

The number is expected to increase a lot as there are long line seen infront of the NSU main gate. It has now become more than a business competition. Some people started saying that it is equivalent to rodies.

But when questions arised about the authenticity of the news, we tried to contact a “boro vai from the club”he told that -” Mamma sunny leone ashtese, event ta kapay dibe”

We tried to contact with the assistant of sunny leone and he assured that she is coming to NSU .Sunny Leone also said that “I love the students of NSU as they are very smart and intelligent, and would like to visit them” In the meantime, in a interview Ms. Naila nayeem told that- “Sunny k anar ki proyojon, amra ki famous na?”But people reacted on her interview and criticized her as they want miss sunny leone to join the event.

So hype is increasing day by day and now lets see how NSU business competition organizers handle the crowd!


Written by sakib hasan

Life is short. Your ear needs to hear something that would spice up your brain. so here i am to give you some tangy dose of stories.

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