Emperor Akbar Filed A Case Against BRACU Students For Violating His Pahela Baishakh Rule

Emperor Akbar didn’t keep silent at the violation of his Pahela Baishakh rule by the students of BRAC university students. So, he filed a case against the students of BRAC university students. BRAC university students celebrated Pahela Baishakh in the month of Chaitra! Doesn’t it seem weird? How could someone celebrate Pahela Baishakh when it is not Baishakh yet? They celebrated the day before seven days of the actual day. If you go to sit for the HSC exam before the commence of the exam, will teachers take your exam?

No, never will it happen, not even in dream. BRAC university students celebrated the Bangla New Year when it is not a new day of a new year yet just because their exam. They broke the rules of Emperor Akbar that was set hundreds of years ago.Akbar didn’t tolerate it. So, he filed a case against the students. He said, “If students are afraid of their exam, then who told them to celebrate my day when it is not the actual day yet. It’s a total violation of my rules. So, I filed the case against them.”

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