Elon Musk Has Decided To Buy Profoundly.Me and Then Delete It

If your Facebook news feed is not filled with random people answering unnecessary questions then you are lucky, your friendlist is filled with great people. But most of us aren’t that lucky, whenever we open Facebook, all we see is people answering random profoundly questions and trust me, this has become really annoying.But every problem has a solution and when is seems like a problem is unsolvable that’s the perfect time for a solution to come. It’s understandable of Elon on users blowing up the whole internet with questions on how to reveal anonymous user on profoundly or to scour the internet by searching for ways to reveal the identity of who messaged them on profoundly.

That’s exactly what happened this time. Thanks to Elon Musk, he has decided to solve this problem for us. Not all heroes wear capes and Elon Musk is a living proof of it. This hero has decided to take one for the team and buy So any normal person would think that after buying he’s going to make chances to it and make it better but let us not forget that this is Elon Musk and he isn’t quite known for doing a lot of normal things. And in this case, it’s the same, Elon Musk has decided that after buying, he is going to delete it.Elon Musk is a hero and this title has been rightfully earned by him.

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