DU Guy Slips And Breaks His Leg While Running For Avengers:Endgame Ticket

Nayeem (23) is a Dhaka University Flim studies student, lives in Puran dhaka, breaks is leg this morning while running for avengers end game’s ticket at Basundhara city. While giving an interview to 14AGAIN nayeem told us that he is a big fan avengers and he was waiting eagerly for its last show. He didn’t wanted to miss to the first day first show so he waited at basundhara city entry gate from mid night so that he can be at the ticket counter right after it opens the next morning. The gates opened at 10am he started to run towards the counter. Suddenly he slipped, felt down and broke his legs. He was immediately taken to Dhaka medical college Hospital for treatment. But nayeem does seems to care about his broken legs at all but he is sad that he could manage a ticket for himself.

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